Information on privacy according to what provided by Art. 13 of 196/03 Leg. Decree.


The owner, as holder of the names of e domains, uses such websites as means of information on her works, and also to collect personal data. Therefore, according to what provided for by the Privacy Code, the owner, as Holder of processing, provides the following information relevant to the processing of personal data of both the users who just consult the websites (navigation data), and those who spontaneously send their personal data through e-mail messages and / or by filling in specific formats in order to access restricted sections within the websites.


Anyway this information is provided for these websites only - also through the people in charge of the processing. It does not apply to other websites the user may access through links and / or third-parties business.


1. What data we process

1.1 Dati di navigazione

Navigation data. Data we get from your use of our services. While running, information systems and website operating programs automatically and inevitably record certain information (when Internet communication protocols are used) which may allow to identify the user, when combined to other data. Such data can be used uniquely to get statistical information about the sites and check their running. If required, such data will be provided to the Public Authorities to allow investigation, in case of fraud against the sites and / or third-parties, according to the current regulations.


1.2 Data you give us of your own will

Every single user gives us personal data while sending e-mails, interacting with websites, requiring services offered by the website, filling in special formats to access restricted sections of the sites. Only common data - of both types - will be processed.


2. and what for we use the information that we process

All data will be processed both manually and by means of other technologies, with the following aims - to manage site navigation and relevant access data; - to manage information and site security; - to perform market analysis and statistics. Furthermore, with the user's free and optional consent, the Administrator will be allowed to process data in order to define both group and individual profiles (profiling), and - for marketing purposes - will be allowed to communicate, through newsletters, e-mails, text messages, any information and / or updating related to the Holder's activities and products, as well as to events and projects put up by the Holder, and to send out invitations to such events and projects. The user will be able to oppose the last aim mentioned at any time, and to reject any promotional stuff or information.


3. Data Storage

Collected personal data will be stored and processed through an electronic system managed by Aruba S.p.A.


4. Data Communication

Data will be communicated to professionals, self-employed collaborators, service companies and / or third-parties cooperating with the Holder to pursue the above aims.


5. Automatic technologies for data collection

Session cookies and Permanent cookies could be used in the websites. Session cookies are temporary and are automatically deleted whenever the website navigation comes to an end. On the contrary permanent cookies stay on the user's hard disk, as long as they are deleted. Cookies are used to allow the full fruition of websites and / or to track a visit to the different pages / sections of websites. In no case cookies are or will be used to get personal data or any information relevant to the user's surfing other websites. Information collected through cookies will be used for statistical aims only. At any time users will be allowed to disable cookies by resetting their browser, although some website features or services may not function properly without cookies, or interaction may be blocked.


6. Information you give us

With exception of navigation data (which are automatically collected by the system) users have to provide their data in order to sign up and access the services and functions offered by websites and reserved areas. When such data are not given users will not be allowed to access and use such services and functions. Giving information for marketing activities is always free and optional. If personal data are not given for these activities, users will not take any consequences as to the access and use offered by the websites.


7. Rights of the interested party

Interested parties can assert the rights ruled by Art. 7 of the Privacy Code. For example the right to get a copy of the processed data, to have them updated, corrected, integrated and, when sufficient grounds occur, deleted and blocked. The access to data can be requested to the following e-mail address: More specifically, at any time the interested parties can retract the consent previously given as to the sending of advertising and informative stuff, newsletter included.


8. Communications

Please send any possible communication to the following e-mail address: